You have worked hard to get where you are and now you want a good lifestyle and want to know that your money will last as long as you do. You don’t need the stress and would like to have someone look after your money so that you can sleep at night.

As an Authorised Representative of Eventus Wealth Management Pty Ltd (our partly owned Australian Financial Services Licence holder), Growth Accountants & Advisors is able to help you develop an investment strategy that will help you get  to where you want to be with the least amount of risk.

As discussed on our individual’s page you will benefit by being supported by a group of highly qualified financial planners, accountants and tax advisers.

We believe this is crucial as the tax implications of your investments are a major factor in your overall return and its best that these decisions are made in a coordinated way not fragmented amongst multiple advisors.

We can also assist you in dealing with the bureaucracy that is Centrelink to make sure that you receive all your entitlements to supplement the income from your investments or to obtain the range of concessions only available to those that receive the age pension.

And then if it is necessary we can also help you navigate your way through the maze of rules and regulations that is aged care accommodation.

Your first step

Your first step is to come in for a chat to explain what is bothering you and we can explain how we can help you.

Click here to request an appointment or phone 9783 3111.

If at the end of the meeting we are happy that we can work with each other and that we can help you, you will receive a document that sets out the services that you will receive and the fees involved.




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