About Growth Accountants & Advisors

Growth Accountants & Advisors is an accounting and advisory firm located in Frankston that provides advice to a wide range of clients.

Our focus is to help you achieve peace of mind in respect of your finances,  giving you a sense of confidence as to how your financial future looks and giving you comfort that your family will be looked after now and in the future.

When you become a client our first step is to prepare a “growth plan” which maps out where you are now and where you want to be in 10 years plus a few ideas as to how you can get there. By looking at your overall picture (and not just your tax) we can help you spend your time doing the things you want to do, not those you have to do.

We do tax and the other stuff accountants normally do (such as BAS and financial statement preparation) and we’re good at it, all our accountants are highly qualified as you would expect, but our accountants are also good with people, after all it’s about people not numbers.

To create and grow wealth you need someone to help you build your asset base and protect your existing assets, that’s where our financial planning team comes in.

They also help you sort out your Wills and related documents such as Powers of Attorney to make sure your hard earned assets go where you want them to.

By combining tax, accounting and financial planning under one roof, we can simplify your life by providing a more coordinated approach to your financial affairs than you can get by working with a range of different advisors.

We also like technology, not because if makes our lives easier but because it makes things simpler and quicker for you, to give you more time to do the things you want. Things like cloud accounting software such as Xero or MYOB Live and Class super which gives you up to date information as to how things are going and lets us provide you with level of service that you need.

We will also review how you are going on a regular basis to make sure you are staying on track to achieve the financial and lifestyle goals documented in your “growth plan”.

If you’re ready to discuss becoming a client, phone 9783 3111 or click here to request an appointment.

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Our History

Stable Private Clients was originally founded by Louise Morris in 2005 as the financial planning arm of the accounting practice, Stable Financial a firm Louise had worked in providing tax and accounting advice to clients for 21 years.

Louise has recently taken her own advice in respect of “work /life balance” and  moved her part of the “Stable” business to  Frankston giving her an extra 3 hours a day to do the things she enjoys including spending more time with her clients and family.

We have recently renamed the firm Growth Accountants & Advisors  to better reflect our goal to help our clients grow their wealth either through their business or investments.

Our vision is that we want to be the place where our clients are comfortable to come and discuss their finances and anything else that’s bothering them so that we can help bring positive change to their lives.



Our People

Louise Morris – Principal



B.Bus (Accounting), Chartered Accountant, SMSF Specialist Advisor, Authorised Representative of Eventus Wealth Management Ltd.

What I love about Growth Accountants & Advisors
is working in an environment that is more comfortable than the normal accounting firm with people that I like (and that includes our clients).

What’s different about Growth Accountants & Advisors compared to other firms is…
our highly qualified team genuinely care about their clients and go to great lengths to help them. Also, our ability to focus on the big picture to help our clients achieve their goals is a very rewarding process for both us and our clients.

I do what I do because…
I like helping people achieve what they want in life, and using my skills to ensure they  get the most out of their financial situation helps achieve that.

Outside of office hours…
I love to travel both within Australia and overseas, anywhere where there is a new experience. I also enjoy spending time with my children who are both studying at University and enjoy growing vegetables in my garden.

Something most people don’t know about me is…
I support England when they play Australia in the cricket!


Tania Maddaford – Chartered Accountant


growth-accounting-taniaB.Bus (Accounting), Chartered Accountant

What I love about Growth Accountants & Advisors
that I can come into a workplace and feel at home.  The atmosphere is friendly and laid back.  I look out onto trees and a gully, with a bridge in the distance – it’s pretty and it’s calming.

What’s different about Growth Accountants & Advisors compared to other firms is…
while the financial accounting process is pretty much the same across most accounting practices, it is the friendly and relaxed environment that makes Growth Accountants and Advisors a wonderful place in which to work.

 At Growth, we look at the bigger picture – anyone can put together a set of financial accounts, but it is the strategies we put into place to assist clients meet their goals and have a healthy and successful financial future that puts Growth Accountants and Advisors above the rest.

I do what I do because…
I enjoy nutting out the financial and tax issues that come across my desk.  I like being able to help clients sort out their tax affairs and work out the best possible tax outcomes.  Not many people enjoy “doing their tax”.  It’s great to be able to take their worries away from them at tax time.

Outside of office hours…
I try to keep fit by running (although lately it’s most likely to be walking very fast!), but most of my time is taken up with ferrying around my children to their after-school and weekend sporting activities.

 I enjoy going to concerts and eating out with friends, and I love spending time at the beach in summer.  I am Treasurer of the Mount Eliza Meteors Basketball Club, and Team Manager for my daughter’s basketball team.

Something most people don’t know about me is…
I am a big sook …. I cry during TV shows and movies, and even some ads!


Gemma Cameron







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